Google+ webmail support phishing email

This morning, there is a new email phising scam for Gmail users. They receive an email claiming it from “google+ webmail support” and mentioning about sign out error for their account as shown below.

Don’t click on the link and try to enter the user name and/or password as it would then be obtained by these bad guys who may use your account to scam other people.

Luckily, if you are using Google DNS and Chrome browser, then you will be warned of it if you click the link but that is limited only on your PCs and not your iPhone/iPads.

Chrome WarningIf one has already clicked the link and provided these user id/password, then best thing would be to change the password immediately and inform everyone on their Contacts about it so if they are sent such an email, they don’t make same mistake.

Forward this to all your Friends to make them aware of this.

Tushar Modi

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