Windows 10

Has your computer slowed down after Windows 10 Upgrade ?

It’s been more then 45 days now since Windows 10 was released and many have upgraded to it from Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1.  The experience of users varies from It’s Great ! to It’s Sucks !  Why so????

Depending on the configuration, components & condition of one’s computer the user experience is different for all.  In last 45 days, I have had various people bringing in their recently upgraded Windows 10 computers with complains ranging from “it has become very slow” to “computer does not boot”.

In my careful observations of all these situations, I would like to offer the following suggestions.

  1. If your computer is more then 2-3 years old and the hard drive is showing errors offering you to run Check Disk then you should avoid this upgrade as it would put lot of stress on the hard drive due to very high level of continuous writing the new files.
  2. Make sure that you have access to upgraded drivers for your hardware making it 100% compatible to Windows 10 otherwise after upgrade, inappropriate drivers would deteriorate performance of your system.
  3. Backup your data prior to upgrade so if things go wrong, you are not left in a critical situation where you have an unbootable computer and no easy way to access your important data.
  4. For best experience, consult the qualified person who can help you decide what should be the best path for your upgrade as it might work better to do a clean install of the upgraded OS on a new hard drive with data back up which will breath new life to your old computer for another 3-4 years.
  5. The best user experience would be enjoyed only if your computer is running Windows 10 just like a new computer you buy with it pre installed.

We at CompuGuru4u can help with all these issues and willing to give free consultation for your specific needs.

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