Spotify killing the SSD or HDD of your Windows computer

Spotify may be killing your SSD or HDD

There is a bug somewhere in the app which is affecting the lifespan of users’ HDD and SSD.  The app is continuously writing tens & hundreds of gigabytes of unimportant data to the drive.


How is Spotify affecting your HDD/SDD

Several users have started reporting this problem since June in the company’s support forum, Reddit as well as Hacker News. According to them, Spotify app is writing as much as 5 GB to nearly 10 GB of unnecessary data per hour to the hard drive and accumulating approximately 700 GB of junk data if the app is left running for more than a single day.

This behavior is putting a load on the storage devices of the user, especially the Solid State Devices or SSDs. The unnecessary data does not only use up the disk space of your computer but it also shortens the lifespan of your hard drive by writing a huge amount of data all the time.

SSDs come in a very limited amount of write capacity. Uninterrupted writing of heaps of garbage data to the SSD or HDD will cause the disk to fail!

How to address this Spotify problem

As the app writes unnecessary data to the drives if kept running or even idle, one thing you can do is after using the app, close it down completely. It will restrict the additional writing of data to your drives while you are not using it.

Uninstall Spotify for the moment till the new update is released. To do this, open the Control Panel, look for Spotify and select Uninstall.

Next, remove the Spotify app data directory from your computer. Open ‘%appdata%’ in File Explorer and  search for the Spotify folder and delete it. Remember to delete it from the RecycleBin too, if you are facing Disk Space issues.

Update Spotify

Spotify officials have said that Spotify version 1.0.42 is now available to all users. If the update is available for your computer, Spotify will be automatically updated. Nevertheless, you may want to visit the Spotify website and download the latest version right away.


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