CPU Cooler

The Culprit

And you Thought it was some kind of a Virus. Read this user story.
“I can’t stress enough how important — and simulateously underrated — cleaning the inside of a laptop is.
For the last month, my laptop’s become progressively slower, eventually just crawling to a halt and using 100% of the CPU during flash videos. First, I assumed this was a flash problem, then a Google Chrome problem, then a Malware program. When none of these checked out and Task Manager let me know the culprit behind 100 CPU jumped around, I tried everything from disabling non-critical scvhost functions to BIOS updates.
It turns out the culprit all along was fan dust buildup. It’d been lowering the efficacy of the fan, causing the computer to detect how hot the CPU was getting, and then throttling it back. It’s obvious now in retrospect given how the computer would seem to work fine in the mornings (after a night of cooling off), but it makes me wonder how many people posting about laptop speed issues (I must have read dozens of posts from people with similar symptoms) and task manager showing system resources at max — and whose problems went unsolved — just had excessive fan dust build-up.”
If you feel that your laptop too is running slow then it’s time to check out the inside.

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