Is Windows 10 Forced Update is still Bugging You ?

Yesterday I had a notification for recommended update on my Windows 7 machine and on careful observation, I found it to be kb3035583 which is responsible for Windows 10 upgrade.  Earlier it was an optional update which would not be installed automatically if you had chosen not to do so under update settings.  Now Microsoft has changed that from optional to recommended making it slip through and force update your system to Windows 10.  Even though I had disabled and hidden that particular update, it still showed up since it was changed from optional to recommended.  Now many of the users would face same issue like me who are not willing to upgrade their stable Windows 7 systems to Windows 10 for various reasons including risk of failing hard drives in the process so what to do???

Answer is cool little utility called Never 10 from industry veteran Gibson Research Corporation.


Never 10

It can be downloaded from the link above for free and it provides very simple option to disable or enable Windows 10 OS upgrade with one click.

If you were forced to upgrade to Windows 10 and not happy with it, Please get in touch with us and we can help you revert back to earlier version of Windows or customize Windows 10 to your liking.

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