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CompuGuru4u is a full service PC & Mac Computer Laptop Repair Shop with Fast & Free Estimates* serving Apex, Cary, Morrisville, Holly Springs, Chapel Hill, Pittsboro, Sanford in Western Wake area of Raleigh NC since 2006.

CompuGuru4u was founded with our passion for two things, Love for Computers and Passion to Help People in need.  So our mission statement is "Friendly Help with  All Your Computer Needs". We take time to understand your issues & concerns, answer your questions, and advise the best solution for your Computer needs. 

We understand and respect the importance & privacy of one's Data making sure that it is protected against the loss & prying eyes. With the experience & expertise we have to offer, you are guaranteed to have the best of care for your computers with reasonable rates and quick turn around time possible.

Over 300 Five Star reviews over last 18 years on Google, Facebook and many more proves that we are your best choice for PC & Mac, Repairs & Upgrades, Virus & Malware Removal, Data Recovery & Back Up. All our work is backed by 100% Satisfaction Guarantee*.

Prevention is Better Than Cure

We Can Help You Setup Your Computer to Avoid Most Online Scams

Helping Senior Citizens

We Enjoy Working with Senior Citizens with Patience

Old & Slow..... PC or Vintage Mac

Turbo Charge & Upgrade to the Latest OS for Half the Cost of Buying a New One

Are you fed up with Old PC or Mac which has become slow? Feel like Buying a new one right away?

Don't fall for that trap of big corporates & their planned obsoletion. 

We have upgraded hundreds of old computers with the State of the Art, SSDs or Flash Storage which dramatically improves it's performance by 3 to 5 times, making them faster & more reliable, saving & transferring all your old data, That too at less then Half the cost of buying a new one. 

We also update the Operating Systems in the process, saving you money and saving the environment from the e-waste going to the landfill.

Custom Gaming PC Builds

We can help you with your dream custom pc build project from selecting the components, sourcing & checking them for compatibility. After this initial & crucial stage, choice is yours to put it together for your satisfaction or we can put it to gather for you.

We can help you diagnose your build which isn't working as intended. We see many parents whose young enthusiastic children have tried building something with their friend's help and running in to problems with CPU or Motherboard damage rendering them useless. 

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